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We are taking a step to revolutionize how African languages are learned and shared. Although there have been efforts from other groups, we seek to make experiencing African languages online a lot more interactive, fun and inclusive. Our target is to grow the presence of our languages online and to make its access a lot easier. To build a space where anyone curious about an African language, that is mostly orally passed on, can learn while sharing with others. Where both the young and old, the well-versed and the novice, can benefit.

In other words, this website is a growing resource of African linguistic knowledge, made by YOU!


General guidelines

  • By toggling the circled arrow just above the search bar, you can also search for english words in definitions, with the aim of finding a word in the language of the page you're on.
  • When you add a word, it is sent to the vote page so other users can vote on it and decide if it makes it to the Abusuaman Library.
  • A star on top of a word means it is a popular/favorite definition by way of voting.
  • Popular definitions are definitions that have a higher ratio of upvotes than other words like it. If your definition is popular, well-done!
  • You're awarded a verified check mark and the title, "Abusuapanyin"(which means elder or head of the clan) when you add at least 20 words in one language section(this criteria is subject to change). This validates your definitions as credible and trustworthy.
  • Visit the voting page of your language section often to decide which words will make the cut on Abusuaman.

Guidelines for contributing

  • As an Abusuaman contributor, you're responsible for ensuring that the content you put up is relevant and useful and as devoid of errors as possible.
  • Words or definitions that are used purposely to shame or mock friends will be rejected or most likely voted down.
  • Words that are heavily downvoted will be deleted automatically.
  • You can access special letters pertaining to your language by pressing the CTRL + ALT / OPTION(for Mac) + their respective letter keys.(For instance CTRL + ALT + E = 'ε'). For capital letters, use a SHIFT + ALT + appropriate key combination(eg. SHIFT + ALT + O = 'Ɔ')
  • You can also access special characters on our desktop website by clicking on the keyboard iconon a given language page
  • Try to make all words you enter lowercase. Unless it is a proper noun or absolutely needs to have capitalization. Caps should be minimal for uniformity.
  • You're welcome to add the translations of the sentences you provide so as to help readers understand the usage of the word more clearly.
  • Your contributor name will be the screen name you use on whichever social media site you log in with.


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