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A vague term for stuff or things. This word has no singular form.

1. Nibbies no dey go well these days oo. 2. Yo! You no make ready saf? Wey nibbies this?
Kofi Ankomah 22 Mar, 2017



Derived from the Hausa words for rice and beans, 'Shinkafa da wake', modified by dominant culture into "waakye" Waakye is a Ghanaian dish of cooked rice and beans. This side dish is strikingly similar to the West Indian version, 'rice and peas'. Cooked using many of the same methods minus additional spices and herbs in the West Indian version. The rice is cooked with Sorghum bicolor leaves(used as colorant or food dye) and black eyed or kidney beans. It is commonly prepared in the home, but is also sold by roadside vendors.

"Yo what we dey chop today?" "We go go Royal den buy betta waakye kraa!"
funky4lyf 25 Dec, 2016



Fake. This word is associated with deceit, bullshit, conspiracy, cheating or profiteering. It has a political history that dates back to January 1948, in Ghana's quest for colonial freedom, when a group of foreign traders called the Association of West African Merchants(AWAM), who specialized in European imports and cocoa buying, were boycotted due to the very high prices they sold their goods and the dubious creation of scarcity they employed leading to their disbandment and formation of the Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board(GCMB).

- Chale you see Jet Lee in T'ai chi skills no? - Hoh, I sure say dat tin be awam koraa.
Gerald Lamptey 20 Feb, 2017



adj. Unattractive, but also distasteful

Dat movie too uklay
GBLK_ 16 Mar, 2017



Evolved from a negative connotation of the English word, colloquial. In relation to an activity or thing, this means archaic, out of style or obsolete. In relation to a person, it means out-of-touch or not being in tune with current events.

I dey go some portay but I no dey wan wear dis kolo shada!
that233soulsister 16 Mar, 2017

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